Western U.S. Breeder Summit

August 26-27, 2022
American Fork, Utah

Struggling to Sell Your Puppies In A Flooded Market?

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This is NOT a Sit and Listen Conference

This is a Hands-on Training Experience 

Friday, August 26 | 5-8 p.m.
Saturday, August 27  |  9-5 
American Fork Armory
251 S 200 E American Fork, UT 84003
Early Bird Only $45 through August 20, 2022
Full Price $59
Meet the Trainers

Heather Gibson

Big Hearted Breeders

Heather is a Certified Pet Nutrition Coach, Certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist and has been breeding for about 9 years. She breeds both cats and dogs and has a deep passion for helping families facing mental health challenges.

Jeanette Forrey

Badass Breeders

Jeanette is an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and IACP Member. She is the author of "The Ultimate Badass Breeder's Guide" and founder of the B.A.B (Badass Breeder) Puppy Evaluation and B.A.B. Advanced Service Dog Curriculum. She is the owner of 4E kennels.

Sean Knudsen

Mountain Dog Resort

Sean has loved dogs all his life, but truly learned the power of their companionship after a tour in Iraq. As Sean worked through his PTSD, he found the quiet strength in having a dog by his side. He is now passionate about helping every vet have the support they need. 

Stand out from other breeders with 

BAB Puppy Evaluations

Give your clients more value with accurate puppy evaluations. Watch client satisfaction go up while being a better advocate for your puppies! Jeanette will train while doing live puppy evaluations.  

Crush Online Sales

Heather spent thousands of dollars learning what doesn't work until she found what does! SPOILER ALERT:Most of them are free. See what top sellers are doing. Plan 6 months of content and do some post while at the conference.

exceptional Puppies

Increase your referral clients by sending home better trained puppies. Learn how to do simple things that make a big difference in how puppies thrive at home.

Ultimate Nutrition

COVID has had a heavy impact on the cost and availability of pet products. Come get the latest in pet nutrition and supplements to keep your kennel healthier, have larger litters, and save thousands in vet bills. 

Latest Tech

Save time and money with the latest technology for breeders, including ways to more simply track the dogs in your kennel, create a modern  website, care for newborns, and much more! 

Automate Your Business

You are BUSY! Learn how to automate customer care with the right systems so you look like a Rockstar while you are at the pool with your kids.

Service&Therapy Training

Reduce the suffering of mental and physical illness. Learn what it takes to raise and train service and therapy dogs. Sean will share his personal experience and training expertise.

All the Bells & Whistles

Be your client's hero by making the process smooth with lots of great surprise touches that have your clients posting information about your program for you!


Improve your breeding business forever  

*Sell more puppies 

*Increase time freedom

*Take better care of your dogs 

*Reduce suffering for families

Don't miss this event!

"Training with Big Hearted Breeders always contains out-of-the-box ideas that have been game changers in every aspect of my business. It has made being a breeder so much better. "
—Michele Taylor~ Taylormade Mini Goldens