What are Golden Minis/ Mini Golden Retrievers?

3 Golden Minis from Big Hearted Breeders
With so many choices when picking a puppy, you may be wondering if a Golden Mini or Mini Golden Retriever is right for you.

Choosing a new fur baby is a major and sometimes stressful decision so let me tell you more about Miniature Goldens so you can decide if they are a good fit.

What do Golden Minis Look Like?

Golden Minis are aMini Golden Red Female with White Blazelso often called Mini Golden Retrievers. They are meant to have the looks and personality of a small Golden Retriever.

This breed has many names: Golden Minis, Mini Golden Retriever, Miniature Golden Retriever, Teacup Golden Retriever, Mini Goldens, and Comfort Retriever.

They come in colors from light cream (Mini English Cream Golden Retrievers) all the way to deep red Mini Golden Retriever. Some have white blazes, but most are solid colors.

What is a Mini Golden Retriever?

Golden Minis are a designer dog (mixed breed) that includes Golden Retrievers, Poodles and Cocker or King Charles Cavalier Spaniels. Because it is a newer breed, we are constantly creating new lines so that we have enough genetic diversity to have healthy Mini Golden Retriever puppies. 
 Red Mini Golden Retriever from Big Hearted Breeders

How Big Do Golden Minis Get?Golden Minis English Cream Male

Most full grown Mini Golden Retriever are between 30-45 lbs. as adults. There are some as small as 15 lbs. (Teacup Golden Retriever)

Their small size makes them good apartment dogs and easier to travel with. Small dog breeds are also less likely to frighten younger children. Not to be gross but they also poop smaller which is nice for whoever has to do poop scoop duty. (A high-quality food also helps with this)

Do Mini Golden Retrievers Shed?

Many people want to know if Mini Golden Retrievers shed as much as their larger namesakes- the Golden Retriever. 

It Depends!

There are two genes that contribute to shedding that show up when doing genetic testing. Based off of those results many good Mini Golden Retriever Breeders will take that into account when pairing adults before breeding. 

Some puppies may shed less than a full sized Golden but none will shed less than a dog with furnishings (the longer hair on their face that give them a teddy bear look).

What Is the Personality of a Golden Mini?

Tan Golden Minis sleeping with girlThey are goofy, outgoing and gentle dogs that are super smart which makes them easy dogs to train as a service animal. Many pick up how to do specific tasks quickly which are needed for psychiatric service dogs. They are also often used as deep pressure therapy service dog or dpt dog for short.

Golden Minis have an amazing temperament that make the best emotional support dogs. They often love to be with their owner and are cuddly puppies. Mini Golden Retrievers also help to get their owners out on a walk or playing in the park. That extra physical activity can really help someone struggling with a mental health issue.

Some research is also suggesting that mixed breed dogs are healthier than pure breed dogs. Many believe that it is because of the higher level of genetic diversity in mixed breeds.

A study by Bellumori et al (2013) looked at 24 genetic disorders in 27,254 dogs with an inherited disorder. 24 of the disorders had no statistical difference between mixed and purebred dogs. 10 (42%) of the genetic disorders were more likely to happen in purebred dogs. On the other hand, mixed-breed dogs were only more likely to have 1 (4%) of the genetic disorders.

How Do I Find Mini Goldens For Sale? 

Are you thinking about looking for a Mini Golden Retriever for sale to see if they are a good fit for you? Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Am I looking for a dog to perform a specific task like deep pressure therapy dpt or other service task?
  • What kind of energy would I like from my dog? Take a look at how much physical activity you are currently doing and go from there.
  • Do I need a public access dog that can be well behaved in public all the time?
  • Am I looking for an emotional support animal?
  • Does size, color or gender matter to me?
 Dark Red Miniature Golden Retriever
If you are looking for special skills make sure you talk about all of these things with the service dog breeder. Looking for a Golden Retriever service dog for sale from a good breeder can be a tricky thing. Be sure to think about what qualities you need in a service dog. Consider how much exercise they'll need, their temperament, and any special training needs.

You should also talk to the breeder about the type of service dog you are looking for. Ask questions about the breeder's experience, the puppy's background, and the type of support the breeder can provide.

How can I find Mini Golden Retrievers For Sale Near Me?

The truth is that these days you don't need to find a breeder near you. Focusing on finding an ethical Golden Mini breeder is more important than where they are. Puppy nannies regularly hand deliver puppies to major airports around the country and world. Several of my puppies have gone out of the country and the puppies do well with the trip.

There is an extra fee involved for using a puppy nanny. Usually the fee is about $20 an hour plus the price of the nanny's ticket and the puppy's ticket. Remember that this is a life long commitment and it is better to pay a little more up front and get the right match then to save and be sorry for years.

How Do I Know If I Have an Ethical Mini Golden Retriever Breeder

Mini English Cream Golden Retriever for saleAsk the breeder what socialization they are doing with the Miniature Golden Retriever puppies. I strongly recommend going with a breeder that does Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) because of the long term benefits it can offer your puppy. A breeder that does other socialization practices in addition to ENS will also be a great long term value to you and your puppy.

See if the breeder has done genetic and advanced health testing on the dog by asking:

  1. Do you do genetic testing on the parents? 
  2. Do you do advanced testing on the parents through OFA or PENNHIP? Which test do you do? (Most ethical breeders do at least eyes, hips, patellas, elbows and basic cardiac. Some breeds require more testing depending on the health issues of the breed. For example King Charles Cavaliers need an echocardiogram to rule out the heart issues common in the breed.

These health screenings are expensive which will cause your puppy to cost a little more but it is a great investment in your and your fur babies future because it will help prevent costly health issues and early death down the road. 

Expect to pay between $3000-$5500 for a Golden Mini puppy from a breeder that is doing it right.

With so many puppy scams, make sure the breeder advertising the Miniature Golden Retriever for sale is willing to get on the phone and even better yet get on a video call so that you can see the puppies in real time.

Here at Big Hearted Breeders take great pride in helping families and individuals find the right match. We will tell you if we don't have what you are looking for and point you in the right direction. If you would like to know more about our Mini Golden Retriever puppies please fill out an interest form below or go to our available pets page here.

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