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How Can I Help You and Your Fur Babies?

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Healthier Pets Means Happier Pets

5 kittens sit on a girls lab as she is reading.

Find Emotional Support
Struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues? An emotional support dog or cat may be the perfect fit for you!

Emotional support animals are trained to be socialized and well-behaved, able to provide you comfort in times of distress.

Health and Personality Are Our Priorities

Genetic and Health testing is key, early neurological stimulation, puppy culture and kitten rearing.

What People Are Saying...

“Stella has been a blessing for me, she is growing strong and beautiful, she is playful and extraordinarily smart and affectionate. I feel fortunate that I chose Heather as the breeder because I can tell that the way Stella was socialized with her family that she is the best kitty I could have gotten.”

- Barbara N. from New Mexico
"Have two beautiful Balinese kitties and they love us so much, of course, we love them more and Heather is there anytime I have a question. They love the food she has recommended for them. You can tell when you meet Heather she loves her kitties."

- Robert S.
"We had an excellent experience with Heather! She was great to work with and we absolutely love our kitten, Loki! He arrived in perfect health and is a happy, well-socialized, and outgoing kitten. Loki is destined to be an emotional support cat and seems well suited to the task."

-Kate F. A. from Michigan

Breeding Based In Support

I started breeding Tonkinese cats to help support my own children with emotional health issues in 2014. I grew to include the more hypo-allergenic breed, Balinese, and then Miniature Golden Retrievers dogs to help even more people find emotional support.

I have worked through the pitfalls of breeding and found a way to provide wrap-around service for clients, from the moment they meet their new pet to keeping them healthy for the rest of their lives. 

Heather feeding two puppies with curly fur.