Miniature Golden Retriever Puppies

Why do Miniature Golden Retrievers and Goldendoodles make the best emotional support, therapy and service animals? They are  great with young kids and other dogs. They are smart yet trainable extroverts, and usually keep the barking to a minimum. If you want the perfect companion, you have found the right breed!

Benefits Of A Miniature Golden Retriever 

Who doesn't love a Golden Retriever? But let's be honest, size can be a challenge. This smaller size that works in almost any space. Our Min Goldens can range in size from around 50 lbs to around 20 lbs, fully grown.
Less shedding compared to other straight haired dogs equals less mess for you!
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Relatively few health concerns. Our pups become beloved members of our families, no one wants the stress and struggle of vet bills and visits. Save the worry and your cash.
Height: 12-18 inches
Weight: 20-45 pounds
Life Expectancy: 14-16 yrs

Health and Personality Are Our Priorities

Genetic and health testing is key. Early Neurological Stimulations. Puppy culture/kitten rearing.

A Pet That Can Be So Much More !

Reports show that nearly 70% of Americans experience physical and mental symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress on a regular basis. 

Did you know that spending 15 minutes a day with a pet lowers stress levels?

Our puppies are bred, cared for, and trained to be great emotional support dogs. Whether you are just looking for a really sweet dog, or you have special needs in your family, our dogs will be an amazing addition to your home.

english cream mini golden licking girl's face
tan mini golden retriever sleeping on woman's chest

Give Your Puppy the Very Best!

We know getting a puppy is a big decision. You are saying yes to a lifetime of care, love, walks, and pets.

Nutrition plays a huge part in giving your new furry family member a long and happy life. Ask us how to save money on the highest quality pet food from pawTree
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Add a Puppy To Your Home

Apply to be added to the waitlist for our next Mini Golden litter!

In our breeding program we use Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, King Charles Cavalier Spaniels and Poodles to create the optimal health, look and personality for a Mini Golden Retriever.

Want a Free Puppy?

If you live in Utah you could become a Guardian Home and can earn a free puppy! For more information, follow the link below.
3 red mini goldens sitting in a wooden box and looking at the grass.