Earn Your Puppy For Free + $$$

Get a top quality Emotional Support Animal at no charge!

Live In Utah in the Red Circle?
The Foster to Own Program could be for you!

Why You Should Foster To Own...

Top Quality Dogs

All dogs go through genetic and health screenings.

Amazing Personalities

The pick of the litter ends up in this program

Free Puppy + $$$

 We help pay for part of your pet food.

Ongoing Support

Get help with issues that come up as you are raising your puppy

Free Puppy Course

Online puppy classes worth $250 are gifted to participants

When you "foster to own" you get all of the benefits of owning an amazing Emotional Support Animal - without the upfront costs of purchasing a puppy or potty trained adult dog!

It's so easy!

Your family will enjoy and love your new puppy or adult dog!  

And as your puppy grows older, if you selected a female dog you DO NOT need to deliver or raise puppies! After 4 litters the female is spayed and becomes your dog forever. (see more in the FAQs below)

By participating in the "foster to own" program, you become part of our breeding family. This helps spread the love of Emotional Support Animals to more people. 
Girl holding puppy

Foster to Own Program

Every dog in our program deserves a typical home life with a family that adores them. In order to accomplish this in our breeding program we offer the Foster to Own program. 

Here is how it works:
1.  Go through the application process
2.  Work with Heather to select the right dog for your situation and desires
3.  Foster your dog
4.  When your dog is done in the breeding program we pay for the spay/neuter and the dog is yours!

Requirements For Puppy Foster to Own Homes

Own Your Home

To avoid issues with landlords, foster homes must own their own home

Fenced Backyard

Fenced backyards are a must for the safety of the dogs 

No Smoking

For the health of the puppies we require all homes to be non-smoking

Love Your Puppy

We want all of our dogs to be loved as though they were your own 

1 Hour from Us

All Foster Homes must be within 1 hour driving distance of Pleasant Grove, UT

Kind & Patient

Working with pets and people takes kindness and patience 

Foster to Own not the right fit? 
Don't worry- we will help you find the right one! Fill out the Mini Golden application to chat about finding your fur baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Breeds of Dogs are Available?
We breed Mini Golden Retrievers which are a mix of Goldens, Poodles and Spaniels. We have dogs in all three breeds as well as mixes of those breeds (ie Goldendoodle, Cockapoo, Cavapoo, Mini Goldens etc) that we place in Foster to Own homes.
If I Get a Female Will I Need to Deliver and Raise the Puppies?
No. Most of the times females leave their foster home a week before they are due and return to the foster home after the puppies are weaned. There is an option to raise the puppies at the foster home for extra compensation if approved.
How Long Should I Expect Females to Be Gone?
If you are fostering a female, you should expect her to go to several appts for a few hours when she is in heat both for progestrone testing and mating. Most of these appts do not require overnights. A week before the due date, most females are moved to deliver and raise their puppies. Females are typically gone for 8-9 weeks. After 4 litters the female is spayed and becomes your dog forever.
How Soon Will Females Be Bred and How Many Litters Will Each Female Have?
Plan that the dog will be bred no sooner than her second heat cycle, with back-to-back breeding only occurring if the dog is fully recovered from previous litter and cleared for another pregnancy.

The dog will have no more than four litters, which is up to breeder’s discretion. In determining the amount of litters, breeder will consider how the dog behaves as a mother and how she tolerates pregnancy, labor, and the weeks following delivery of her puppies.
As a Foster Home- What Am I Required to Pay For?
As a foster home, you cover the normal costs of having a pet like vaccinations, food, sick visits to the vet that are not related to pregnancy or breeding. 

We cover all costs related to pregnancy and breeding including vet visits to test ovulation, sperm counts, ultrasounds and any costs related to delivery and birth of puppies. We also offer a stipend for food that is paid quarterly to help with the cost of the high quality food we require.
When Does the Dog Become Mine?
Females live with the foster family until she has completed 4 pregnancies and then the dog's ownership is transferred to the foster family.
Males live with the foster family for a period of 7 years and then the ownership is transferred to the foster family.
How Much Am I Compensated For Being a Foster Family?
We know that time away from your pet can be hard and appreciate the selfless act you are participating in. Because we require a specific food brand and recipe we do give a quarterly stipend towards your food purchase.
Will More Dogs be Available In the Future?
Yes! We are always on the look out for the best dogs for our program. Because we only breed our girls 4 times we need to bring in new girls on a regular basis. If we don't have a dog you want, we may in the near future. The best way to get you what you want is to get your application ASAP.
If the Foster to Own Program isn't quite right for you, don't worry! Just fill out the Tonkinese or Balinese Application and get the resources you need to find the perfect fur baby.
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