Puppy Testimonials

Ethan A, Tennessee

They were super friendly, and helpful from start to finish. Answering questions, communicating, and accommodating our needs as much as possible. And we love our new puppy! I would recommend Big Hearted Breeders to everyone.

Todd L, Georgia

We adopted a dog from Big Hearted Breeders a few weeks ago, and she is great! Our vet confirms that she is perfectly healthy, and her personality suggests that she has been in a loving and safe environment since birth. Heather has been great at communications and everything has been very professional. Highly recommended!

Traci E, Arizona

We adopted Berry on July 3rd, it was an easy process on zoom to meet her and then to drive and get her. I appreciate the communication throughout the process. Berry is an amazing puppy, you could tell she was loved and taken care of before her adoption. We stuck with the Paw Tree food it was easy enough to order. Everyone at work loves her and will keep big hearted breeders in mind when the are looking for a puppy.
Traci Flagstaff az

Michael R, Illinois

Good communication. Heather took the time to meet with us on several Zooms to show us the puppies and answer any questions that we had. We couldn't be happier with our new pup. She is incredibly sweet and smart. Hardly sheds at all, which is always a plus. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Big Hearted Breeders to anyone who's looking for a mini golden retriever.

Kathryn S, Massachusetts

Big hearted breeders is great. Heather and her team are very responsive and you can tell they really do care for all of the puppies. I just adopted a puppy this past weekend- Antonio and his first vet visit went very well and he is very healthy. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a pup.

Danyelle K, Florida

Our experience was great. Loved I got to FaceTime and see the pups prior to selecting one. Any questions I had were always answered within a day. And Finn is such a great dog.

Pamela U, New York

Our experience with Heather and BHB was very good. We felt comfortable with the process and care for the puppies.

I have referred others and shared the BHB info with Archie's trainer. But it is hard for me to refer people if they want a puppy just like Archie because she doesn't have a specific list of dams/sires so the litters vary greatly from litter to litter. But if people can get past that the overall experience was great.

Nicole M, California

She is such smart dog. I feel like there was good communication...I was in love with Ruby from the get go 😂

Chad C, Utah

We think we got the best puppy ever. We love his energy level and how fast he is learning! We appreciate all Heather taught us before we brought him home. It has made getting a puppy a very positive experience. Big Hearted Breeders has been helpful even after bringing our puppy home. We needed to go out of town, and they were willing to board him for a few days where I knew he would be comfortable and well-cared for. It was so reassuring! I would recommend them to everyone!!

Blair A, Kentucky

[Heather] was amazing! She was so helpful with questions & getting our girl to us! Highly recommend!

Haley T, Utah

It's been a great experience! We love our puppy so much!

Ann J, Utah

We have just been very happy with our new family member. And my daughter and son in law just recently got a puppy through you as well. He's almost as cute as Sunny 😉

Allie G, Texas

It was such a great experience! It went so smooth and turned out great!! I will most definitely be using Heather again when I'm ready for a second pup ❤️

Lauren F

I hope y’all had a great holiday weekend! I just wanted to share some recent pictures of Kaia (blueberry). 

She’s all grown up now but she is still our little baby. We love Kaia so, so much. As I’ve said before temperament was a huge thing for us and she’s exactly what we wanted and needed. She’s attentive, smart, fun, and fully potty trained now( literally never has accidents.) 

This thanksgiving we’re extra thankful for how well you do your job. Several of our friends have gotten other dogs of various breeds and we have been shocked at how much better Kaia’s behavior was and is comparatively. All you do in those first few weeks and in the transition made a HUGE difference. She’s also got a stocking on the fireplace at my mother in laws house!😂 she’s a blessing to our family 💕🥰