Find additional comfort with the help of an Emotional Support Animal!

Emotional Support Animals offer comfort to people struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues. They do not have advanced training like a medical alert dog but do receive special training to be socialized and well behaved around others. 

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Emotional Support Animal

Tonkinese & Balinese Cats

Tonkinese cats are extremely outgoing and friendly, considered puppy like at all ages, and love to be around people with relatively few health issues. Balinese cats are more allergy friendly for those with sensitivities.

Havanese & Mini Golden Dogs

Havanese are toy dogs that are extremely outgoing and social - they love to be around people! Mini Golden Retrievers are all the best parts of Golden Retrievers in a smaller size. Both make amazing family dogs.

Cost + Care

Bringing a new pet to your home is a big commitment. One that requires a lifetime of care and love.

Every pet needs to be nourished with the highest quality pet food from pawTree and kept up to date with their vaccines.

Add an Emotional Support Animal to your home.

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