What is an English Cream Mini Golden Retriever?

Have you been hearing about these Mini Golden Retrievers? Are you wondering what they are? Wondering how you can get your hands on a pup with the personality and look of a Golden Retriever, but in a smaller size?? Look no further!

White male English Cream Mini Golden Retriever sitting on a round dog bed.A Mini English Cream Golden Retriever has either a parent or grandparent that is an English Cream Golden Retriever breed. Mini Goldens are a designer breed. They have the look of a Golden Retriever, just smaller.

As a dog lover or someone looking for a pup, why would you want your dog to have a parent or grandparent that is an English Cream Golden Retriever? 

English Cream Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being a little more calm. They make a great family dog. There is also some research that suggests they have a lower risk for cancer and other health problems. 

Mini English Cream Golden Retrievers can be a lighter cream color, like their parents, or a little darker color. 

English Cream Miniature Golden Retrievers are straight haired, they have the look of a Golden Retriever. They do not have furnishings, which are the whiskers and longer hair that can be on the face. It is very common to have furnishings on Goldendoodles. 

Mini Golden Retrievers do not require a lot of work for their fur. Goldendoodles, while more allergy friendly, have curly fur. This can be a lot of work and expensive when you need to take them to the groomer frequently. Mini Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, just need an occasional brush. 

English Cream Mini Retrievers are great for service or therapy. They are very outgoing and they love people.

So, if you were wondering what an English Cream Mini Golden Retriever was, now you know!

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