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Why Foster a Puppy?

*Top Quality Dogs That Have Passed Genetic and Health Screening 

*Amazing Personalities 

*All Dogs are Crate Trained-  This Saves You Sleep! 

*Support and Training For You and Your Puppy/Dog 

*Free Puppy PLUS Monetary Compensation for Participating 

Foster to Own Program

Every dog in our program deserves a typical home life with a family that adores them. In order to accomplish this in our breeding program we offer the foster to own program. 

Here is how it works:

*Pick a dog you are interested in

*Go through the application process

*Foster your dog

*When your dog is done in the breeding program we pay for the spay/neuter and the dog is yours!


English Cream Golden Retriever

Mia is a DOLL! She is an AKC pure English Cream Golden Retriever with an amazing personality. She is smart and yet has the calmer spirit we see in many of the English Creams. She was born on 6/9/2021 and her genetic testing says she should be around 60 lbs when she is full grown.


English Cream Goldendoodle

Natasha likes to do what everyone else is doing. If you want a COMPANION by your side dog, she might be the perfect fit for you. Natasha loves toys and tons of love and affection. She like to play but is also calm. She was born on 5/12/21 and is expected to grow to around 55lbs.


Red Poodle

Finnick is my husband's favorite- and that is saying a lot. Finnick is a super smart, FUN LOVING, petite poodle. He is always up for an adventure but also loves cuddles on the couch. His CHARM can win anyone over. He was born on 6/9/2021 and he is expected to be around 30 lbs full grown.


Golden Retriever

This happy, TOY CRAZY and 
outgoing golden retriever would 
do great in a family with kids. She has   energy that radiates happiness and
 love. She enjoys running and playing 
but quiets down and enjoys a 
snuggle. She was born 2/16/2021 and
 is expected to be around 60 lbs 
when she is full grown.



Baxter is an AMAZING boy! He is smart, loving and silly. He has a playful personality that kids and adults love. He seems to have a deeper awareness for the things going on around him. He was born on 5/2/2021 and is expected to be around 30 lbs full grown.


Golden Cocker

Johnson is  ADVENTUROUS and fun loving. He has a sweet happy personality that loves to play. He is about 58% Golden Retriever, 26% Cavalier King Charles and 16% Cocker Spaniel. He was born on July 28th and is expected to be around 30 lbs.



Nimue (pronounced Nimway) has a HEART of GOLD with the softest fur. She is great for a good snuggle or a game in the backyard. Nimue loves to seek out human interactions especially for belly rubs. She was born on 3/19/2021. She is expected to be around 20 lbs as an adult.                  



This GORGEOUS deep red boy is smart, outgoing and fun loving. He adores playing with toys and getting love from his people. Ralph would be a marvelous addition to any home. He was born on 3/22/2021 and is expected to be around 55 lbs as an adult. 


Golden Cocker

Daisy is the SWEETEST little thing you will ever meet. With her blue eyes and fun personality she will steal your heart in a second. Daisy loves to cuddle! She was born on Aug 17, 2021 and is expected to be around 30 lbs.


English Cream Golden Retriever

Blossom was born a few hours after the 4th of July. She has a HAPPY GO LUCKY personality. She loves to play with toys and hang out with people. She was born on July 5th and is expected to be around 50 lbs as an adult.