Meet Your Next Cuddle Buddy - a Tonkinese or Balinese Kitten!

Tonkinese cats are extremely outgoing and friendly, considered puppy like at all ages and love to be around people with relatively few health issues. Balinese cats are more allergy friendly for those with sensitivities to cats.

Differences Between Breeds

More Than A pet

Find additional comfort from your new kitten through an emotional support animal!

At no additional cost, have a well socialized Tonkinese or Balinese kitten be an aid through mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, and chronic stress.

Meet The Queen's

Neta Bear

Named after a character in Brother bear 2, Neta Bear is extremely friendly and outgoing.


She'll sit on your lap anytime you sit down and give you little nudges to remind you to give her attention.

Cost + Care

Bringing a new kitten to your home is a big commitment. One that requires a lifetime of care and love.

Every kitten needs to be nourished with the highest quality pet food from pawTree and kept up to date with their vaccines.

Add a Tonkinese kitten for $1500 and a more allergy-friendly Balinese kitten for $2000.

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Add a Kitten To Your Home

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