Alina + Johnson | Mini Golden Retrievers

Born: 12/14/23
Estimated Weight: 50-55 lbs
tan golden retriever laying on a brown couch.
  • Golden Retriever
  • 100% Golden Retriever
  • 70 lbs
  • She is a classic Golden Retriever who loves holding toys in her mouth, cuddles and belly rubs. She is a rare Golden with a genetically low shedding coat which she will pass on to her puppies.
Red mini golden with white patches and blue bandana around his neck.
  • Mini Golden Retriever
  • 58% Golden Retriever, 26% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 16% Cocker Spaniel
  • 37 lbs
  • He is a sweet cuddle bug with a heart of gold. Johnson has the softest coat and is so smart.
Mini Golden Retriever with white blaze and markings laying on a faux fur rug in front of a white brick wall with red hearts.
Mini Golden Retriever
Predicted Size: 50-55 lbs
Gender: Male


If you have any questions, would like to see the puppies or would like more information, we are happy to talk to you!